Saturday 22 February

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Southampton

Upton Park, 3pm East London, Saturday 22 February
KO 2AM (Sunday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
1.30am Adelaide, 1am Brisbane, 11pm Perth

Saturday 1 March

Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

Goodison Park, 3pm Walton, Liverpool, Saturday 1 March
KO 2AM (Sunday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
1.30am Adelaide, 1am Brisbane, 11pm Perth

Saturday 15 March

Stoke City
Stoke City
Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

Britannia Stadium, 3pm Stoke-on-Trent, Saturday 15 March
KO 2AM (Sunday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
1.30am Adelaide, 1am Brisbane, 11pm Perth

Saturday 22 March

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Manchester United
Manchester United

Upton Park, 5.30pm East London (Live on Sky), Saturday 22 March
KO 4.30am (Sunday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
4am Adelaide, 3.30am Brisbane, 1.30am Perth

Wednesday 26 March

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Hull City
Hull City

Upton Park, 7.45pm East London, Wednesday 26 March
KO 6.45AM (Thursday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
6am Adelaide, 5.45am Brisbane, 3.45am Perth

Monday 31 March

Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

Stadium of Light, 8pm Sunderland, Monday 31 March
KO 6am (Tuesday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
5.30am Adelaide, 5am Brisbane, 3am Perth

Sunday 6 April

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Liverpool

Upton Park, 4pm East London, Sunday 6 April
KO 2AM (Monday) Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
1.30am Adelaide, Midnight Perth

Sunday 13 April

Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

EEmirates Stadium, Midday North London, Sunday 13 April
9pm Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
8.30pm Adelaide, 7pm Perth
NOTE this fixture may need to be rescheduled if Arsenal defeat Everton in the FA Cup sixth round on 8 March.

Saturday 19 April

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace

Upton Park, 3pm East London, Saturday 19 April
Midnight Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
11.30pm Adelaide, 10pm Perth

Saturday 26 April

West Bromwich Albion
West Bromwich Albion
Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

The Hawthorns, 3pm Sandwell, West Midlands, Saturday 26 April
Midnight Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
11.30pm Adelaide, 10pm Perth

Saturday 3 May

West Ham United
West Ham United
Versus Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur

Upton Park, 3pm East London, Saturday 3 May
Midnight Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
11.30pm Adelaide, 10pm Perth

Sunday 11 May

Manchester City
Manchester City
Versus West Ham United
West Ham United

Etihad Stadium, 3pm Manchester, Sunday 11 May
Midnight Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane
11.30pm Adelaide, 10pm Perth

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24th February 2014

Well it's been quite a while since I penned a report and thought it was time.

I hope there are quite a few happy things to consider in the near future, Hammers wise, so it is time.

Our beloved Hammers have produced a rare turn of form winning the last four matches and dragging ourselves to mid-table and relative safety. The last few games have been a vindication of Sam's promises that we would perform when he had all the major players back fit and there is no doubt that he has delivered. February has been terrific:

WHU v Swansea 2-0
Villa v WHU 0-2
WHU v Norwich 2-0
WHU v Southampton 3-1

In fact our last 7 matches are Won 5, Drawn 1, Lost 1. Outstanding form.

The reality is that one rarely needs 40 points to stay up and I think this season 35/36 will be enough. There is such close competition in the bottom half and this generally means that the cut off number is always lower. The season we were relegated with 42 points was, in part, a result of Sunderland generating a mere 19 points, the lowest in a Premier League Season.

It's worth looking at the points total required to survive:
2006-0738 GD
2007-0836 GD

Season 2010-11 was a very tight table so perhaps that will be repeated? I don't think so though as I don't expect all of the bottom half to start beating the likes of the top 5.

Here's who we have left to play:
1 March - Everton AWAY
8 March - Hull City HOME
15 March - Stoke City AWAY
22 March - Man Utd HOME
29 March - Sunderland AWAY
5 April - Liverpool HOME
12 April - Arsenal AWAY
19 April - Crystal Palace HOME
26 April - WBA AWAY
3 May - Tottenham HOME
11 May - Man City AWAY

The terrific thing now is that confidence is sky high – just listen to Sam's post match comments after Southampton HERE. The players will believe that they can go and compete with anyone and if we can get a point at Everton, we could very easily continue this run and pick up another swag of points in March and beyond!

Basically I say we are safe already and even a few more points will be enough. Remember that prize money increases by over £1M per position on the PL table so there will be no slacking off over the next 11 weeks.

I'll be at the Liverpool match on Saturday 5 April and even though that will be a very stern test, I am far more optimistic than I was a month ago.

Andy Carroll Swansea Send-Off
I coped a lot of flack over this one on several WHU lists as I had my referee's hat on and not claret & blue coloured glasses!

At the time I noted the following:
The ref's written report is going to make a great deal of difference here. Howard's (Referee) got a very good unobstructed view of the incident so he can't say he was even partially unsighted. That's important. The fact that AC is looking right at Howard after the incident does not assist. It could be construed as evidence that he did throw out his elbow and was looking to see if there was to be a response from the Ref.

Having said that AC clearly does not make contact with Flores's face but that too does not make a great deal of difference. The definition of the use of an elbow is critical here not whether the player was injured or not or if there was actual contact. Remember that a player can be sanctioned for an ATTEMPTED foul even if that foul makes no contact with an opposition player at all. However, the player's over reaction might be taken into account but that discredits the referee as to use that as the reason for overturning the RC would mean that the referee was unduly swayed by the reaction of Flores rather than the incident itself.

Howard's report will be critical. If he says that he had a good view of the incident and he felt that AC deliberately threw out his elbow then the RC will be confirmed.

The sideline view video is very unhelpful.
Basically I noted that the FA correctly suspended Andy Carroll as in accordance with the LOTG (Laws of the Game) as currently interpreted, this was an elbow and needed to be sanctioned.

HOWEVER, everyone had an issue with the Swansea player Flores and his reaction to the 'elbow'. There is CLEAR simulation by Flores as the top of his head was hardly grazed so his theatrical death roles should also have received a sanction. This and the RC for Carroll are two TOTALLY separate matters.

Flores IS guilty of simulation and that is worthy of a sanction.  This however has NOTHING to do with the RC issued to Carroll. Howard is a quality referee and he is not the culprit here.  Andy was reckless and naive and his actions can easily be construed as Violent Conduct under the LOTG.

Quite equally, and this is the problem, Flores is guilty of a different offence and the FA remains reluctant to charge players for these offences post match.

Ravel Morrison (problem child)
Reading between the lines, it seems that we can't manage him either. Fergie at ManU labelled him the best youngster he had seen since Paul Scholes and he could not control him. His friendship with Sam meant we got a chance. His performances early in the season were terrific and his solo goal against Tottenham at the Lane was a joy to behold.

Since then I understand that he has fallen out with several of the senior players even though they have allegedly provided significant 'fatherly' support to him.

We have loaned him to Harry at QPR in the hope that our former 'lovable rogue' can make a difference to a troubled talented young man's live and career. This weekend did not start well for him though as he played a full match in a bad 1-0 loss for his new Championship team.

Watch this space!

Olympic Stadium Update & Farewell to The Boleyn
Early this month WHU confirmed that we had 'sold' the ground. The statement read:
Award-Winning local London developer Galliard Group has reached an agreement to purchase the Boleyn Ground Football Stadium once the Club completes its move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016.
Karen Brady noted:
We know they are committed to working closely with the local community and Newham Council on proposals to transform the site into a residential and retail village, which will benefit the local community and east London's regional economy. The deal demonstrates that we have been true to our word by securing the regeneration of two areas of east London through our move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. "In addition, and most importantly for us, we can see that Galliard are passionate about working with West Ham United to engage their supporters to help deliver a fitting legacy that will honour the tradition of the famous ground. We are confident that West Ham United fans will be excited about their vision and the way they plan to respect more than 100 years of West Ham history at Upton Park.
This is a very emotional matter for all WHU fans and the club have promised to consult widely. The have also offered to answer any further questions directly and urged fans to email

I understand that the club is already working with the Fans' Advisory Board in relation to appropriate Farewell season long events so if you want to get involved in that make sure you use this email address.

Tony Cottee Book: WEST HAM – The Inside Story!
I am sure all of you want to understand the REAL recent history of the Club so the best way to do that is to get THE book. Place orders HERE for Tony's tell all recent history of the Club including the infamous Icelandic revolution.

Tony was part of a consortium that almost bought West Ham at the same time as our Icelandic masters and his review of the crazy process is well worth a read.

Sydney Hammers
The Sydney Hammers had a great match late last year against the Watford supporters Club (yes there are some here!). It was so good to see a strong turnout and the terrific spirit between the supporters.

Make sure you all support your city Hammers gatherings. Details of the respective facebook pages are on the OzHammers site.

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